Improvements V6.0

In version 6.0 several UI / UX improvements have been made:

  • The filter of Services was replaced with a drop-down list instead of checkboxes (Impacted pages : Homepage, List of services)
  • All spaces before ":" are removed in English and German (Impacted pages : All pages)
  • The dates on the FAQ / News pages can be removed (To remove the date on the FAQ list update the dateFAQList class. To remove the date on the carrousel update the dateNewsCarrousel class) (Impacted pages : FAQ, Homepage)
  • The color of the button "All of the requests" on the dashboard can be changed (To change the color, you need to change the class businessCasesButton) (Impacted pages : Dashboard)
  • The position of the modals has been changed. They are now placed below the header (Impacted pages : All pages)
  • The save button has been removed from the session duration button and from the personal data of the ePortal (Impacted pages : Summary of personnal data)
  • The delete button in the history has been moved and the infobox has been removed (Impacted pages : History)
  • All old "Suisse ID" reference's have been removed (Impacted pages : All pages)