4.4 Organization identification process


Since version 8.0 of iGovPortal, it is possible to define the identification level of an organization.

It is also possible from GBO, to edit this identification level and to define which identification process has been used to identify the organization.

The identification processes available in the drop-down list of the creation/edition forms of an organization are defined in a global parameter.
Identification process field in the organization's edition form

Identification processes list

The list of available identification processes must be filled in the Organization.Identification.Processes parameter.

DescriptionOrganization identification processes list (JSON format).

The content of this parameter is a (minified) JSON object with the attribute "Processes". 
This attribute contains a list of the unique names of the identifying processes.

Here is the structure of the JSON object:
  "Processes": [


Here is an example of a process list to be filled in the Organization.Identification.Processes parameters:


Each identification process must be associated with a translation term. 
The translation term associated with an identification process follows the following nomenclature:


We have defined in the global parameters the following list of processes:

We must therefore define the following translation terms:
  • Organization.IdentificationProcess.IDEValidation
  • Organization.IdentificationProcess.OwnerSignature
  • Organization.IdentificationProcess.CommercialRegisterExtract